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My First Hand Experience Using All Inclusive Ads

I have been basically spending hours online every day for as longs as I can remember, and it recently occurred to me that if I was going to be doing that, then I might as well try and make some money. I looked at a number of different work from home type jobs, but realized that I would be better off creating some niche sites where I could really be my own boss. I love to write, so researching and putting together original articles for each of those sites wasn’t going to be a problem. What I soon realized was that getting people to come and visit was going to be the main issue.

I understood that being ranked highly in all the major search engines for each of my niche sites was a must, but I wasn’t quite sure how to achieve that. I knew that SEO was important in all the articles that I wrote, but even when I took time to research keywords, I still seemed to come up short. It became quickly apparent that I was going to need help if I was ever going to make the kind of money that would make it possible for online income to be my main source of cash. I looked at some of the big name marketing gurus, as well as sites that would take care of all your internet marketing and was stunned at how much they charged.

I decided to search for some advice on the Warrior Forum, and one name that kept coming up over and over again was All Inclusive Ads. People on the forum were raving about the results they were getting from using the All Inclusive Ads system, and I must confess that I was more than a little intrigued. In fact, the All Inclusive Ads Warrior Forum reviews were positive accounts of how spending the money to get in on the advertising methods had helped turn their fortunes around.

I have been disappointed before with sites that would claim to drive hordes of traffic to your site for a small monthly fee, and as much as the All Inclusive Ads review seemed to be in the positive, I was still a little gun shy. I did a little more research, including visiting all inclusive ads, to get a better idea of what people were saying, as well as trying to pinpoint exactly what I would get by signing up. What I found was that by paying the $29.95, I would have my sites included in an advertising co-op, with $40,000 being spent by the good folks at All Inclusive Ads in a number of different advertising mediums.

My main concern was that my sites would be swallowed up by the hordes of people signing up for this great offer, but when I saw that the number of members each month was limited to 200, then I knew that wouldn’t be the case. I decided to take the plunge, only to find out that I was too late to get in on the action that month, as the 200 spots had already been filled. I took that as maybe a sign that I shouldn’t get involved, but the more that I looked in the site, as well as seeing the All Inclusive Ads proof of results, the more determined I became to give it a try.

I immediately got in on the next advertising co-op and decided that I would try my luck with a single site that had done nothing for me despite my best efforts. It was an affiliate site which I assumed would be my most successful, thanks in large part to its price point ($45) as well as what it offered (all sorts of e-books and training tools) ,I was wrong. All I was getting was two or three visitors per day, and no sales or clicks of any kind. I thought it would be interesting to see if the All Inclusive Ads system would help that site. My thinking was that if it could help boost the number of visitors to that site, then the sky would be the limit for the other where I was experiencing a mild level of success.

Once I registered, the set-up really couldn’t have been any easier. Once that was done I was told to sit back and watch, as my link would be used in a multiple number of advertising methods including, Adsense, banners, social bookmarking, YouTube, article marketing, blog posts and many more. The site stated that I might see positive numbers in as little as 30 minutes, but I didn’t want to feel as though my hopes were going to be dashed early, so I decided to wait a full 24 hours. What I discovered was that I had 32 visitors on the first day, with 3 of them clicking on my affiliate links. There were no sales, but those numbers were more than the site had seen in the previous 2 weeks.

The numbers continued to climb steadily, and by the 8th day I had made my first sale. It was a small one, with a visitor buying a couple ad course packages, but I was absolutely ecstatic. BY the end of the second week I had already made back my initial investment, and had over 40 people opt-in to my e-book newsletter. By the time the month had ended, I had more than tripled my investment, and had over 100 people sign up for the e-mail newsletter. As much as I wanted sales, I was far more interested in building up a following for the site, as I was sure that my knowledge of the category would lead to my site becoming recognized as an authority online information site.

MY results have continued to be incredible, and I have now used three different niche sites in the All Inclusive Ads co-op. The results have been positive on all three, and I now count that $29.95 as my total advertising budget for each month, as there really is no need to do any more that what is already done at All Inclusive Ads.

Jamie Myers