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All Inclusive Ads Review: Why I Will Recommend Them (4 Month Review)

I’ve noticed a great deal of interest in this blog and the All Inclusive Ads program in general, so I thought it might be a good idea to give you another update on my progress with AIA. I am now 4 months into using this great little system since my first All Inclusive Ads review back at the end of April. If you want to get the full picture of my progress then I urge you to read my previous posts, but for those of you that just want me to get to it, here is a quick recap of my earlier entries. My initial investment into the program was made back in just a couple of weeks and the traffic at my site saw a rather impressive spike almost from day one. The newsletter that I put out picked up a healthy number of subscribers and after two short months I really started to believe that I could make a decent little income online.

Those numbers all continue to rise at a very steady rate, with my newsletter being the one thing that seems to have really benefitted from the use of All Inclusive Ads. My e-book affiliate site is pretty much running on autopilot now and is generating sales at a very healthy clip. I don’t want you to get the idea that I don’t have to do any work on that site as that is simply not true. I still answer any and all e-mails and comments that are left there, but a great deal of my marketing work is now done by followers of the site who have become very active in social networking sites. It seems that they have also been buoyed by my success with AIA as my downline there is growing at a very steady rate which seems to almost mirror the increase in newsletter subscribers.

I have also been receiving some great results with The Empower Network, which I spoke about in my last update. I used my newsletter to really try and explain to my subscribers how combining both Empower and AIA could really help them with their online ventures. The little site that I set up to test out the power of combining both has been surprising to say the least. If you’ll remember, I set up a site that sold 3 great e-books for a mere $3 and the response has been fantastic. I am always wary of posting actual dollar amounts as I understand that there is no guarantee that you will all see the same sort of success that I have seen. I did start to see a leveling off and dip in sales after a couple of “hot” weeks, but that spiked again when I swapped out the 3 e-books with new titles that had done well on my other website. I now plan on keeping a keen eye on the titles to gauge when they are starting to level off so that I can then change them and keep the site fresh.

I’ve noticed that much of my time in previous posts has been spent talking about the number of visitors to my sites and how many sales I made. These are important as they go a long way towards showing just how well All Inclusive Ads has worked for me, but it seems strange for me to talk about them now as they are no longer really my focus. Sure, at the end of the day my whole goal is to make enough money from my online work to do it full-time, but I now also realize how misleading numbers can be. When I first started setting up little niche sites I became obsessed with checking to see how many visitors had landed on my pages. Each person landing on my sites was like a minor success, but I quickly realized that it didn’t mean anything if they hadn’t come to buy or at least with an interest in what I was selling. What my time with AIA has taught me is that 100 targeted visitors are much better than 1,000 who have no interest in what you are trying to do.

I still get a lot of e-mails asking me for All Inclusive Ads proof of success and I am still happy to provide those people with a list of numbers. As I said earlier though, I always try to temper that with the reality that I have put a lot of thought and hard work into the sites that I set up and the things that I sell. All Inclusive Ads and The Empower Network both work amazingly well and I will continue to use them as I really believe they will help me reach my final goal of working from home. They are the perfect addition to the hard work that I strive to do every day and they are an invaluable asset when it comes to driving targeted visitors to my sites, which is something that I know is one of my weaknesses in online business. Being able to see those numbers climb, important or not, tells me that AIA is doing its job brilliantly which frees me up to do the things that I do well.

With all that said my strategy remains pretty much unchanged from what I mentioned in my last update. I am using a couple of great tools to help me track down interesting little niches that I believe could be great little hidden treasures. I am also working at creating my own backlinks to add to those provided by AIA, which I do this by linking as many of my niche websites together as possible via articles with links. If you guys are anything like me then you probably landed here because you were looking for a positive All Inclusive Ads Review to help you decide whether or not to take the leap of faith. I found plenty of them when I started looking back in April and am happy to be able to add to that list. I hope those of you that choose to sign up with All Inclusive Ads can experience the same success that would cause you to write something positive about the program.

Jamie Myers